Montag, 5. August 2019

Sunglasses with Music

My sunglasses can Bluetooth

 There are already things because you shake your head. Today we got sunglasses from China. At first you think wow looks very clumsy, but if you look a little closer you think how does it work.

 The sunglasses have left and right speakers integrated. Connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, you can easily listen to music for up to 8 hours. Inconceivable I just say there.

 You've already discovered that the sunglasses can turn on different systems, mainly Bluetooth. Windows, Mac are no problem. Android and the iOs system are no problem. So you are ready to go.

 The cool is the cool thing in it.

 You are sitting in the car has no speakerphone? Then you have a problem less today. The one with your new pair of glasses you hit two birds with one stone at a time.

 On the one hand, you have a normal pair of sunglasses with the sun protection factor UV 400. And on the other hand, you can also make calls. Funnily works really well. I had not imagined it that way.

 With the short supplied micro-USB cable you have within a very short time of about 2 hours to recharge the glasses.

 Design is pretty easy.

 If you want your sunglasses, you decide. Mostly these are available in the colors red, blue and black. You can also choose the glasses for you. They are also available in red (more orange), blue and black.

 The price is acceptable

 The price of cool sunglasses is clearly lower than that of the expensive BOSE colleagues. But still has a proud price from 75,00 € you get this on Aliexpress. At least I have been able to spot wildcards on Amazon, so I suggest who wants to buy cool sunglasses.

 There are also looking for dealers in Germany, these may like to contact me, I will gladly pass on the contact with the manufacturer.

 With this in mind, I wish you all a good night.



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